Grocery Shop Smart… Shop Costco!

Personally, I love Costco. My family used to go every Sunday to get everything we needed for the week. When I go now it reminds me of being a kid and getting to taste all the samples… the best part!!!

Costco is great for many reasons. The obvious one is buying in bulk, but also buying smart and all the wonderful goodies that are there. Sometimes buying for one or two is hard but it definitely is great for the things we use everyday. Buying in bulk is so much cheaper and well worth it. I don’t buy all my groceries there because there is no way we can go through 2 gallons of milk before it goes bad haha. But I will get all of our fruit, veggies, meat, vitamins and snacks there. It is crazy how much you can get for your money compared to a normal grocery store. I got a whole cart full of food for the same price as when we went to whole food for a few items for dinner. Which is why I laughed when I asked Sawyer if we needed or would like anything from Costco and he replied with “no I don’t think we need anything in bulk”… silly boy!!! He was so surprised when he saw all that I bought. 

It is crazy to me how expensive grocery stores are in LA… and if you live in the area you completely understand what I am talking about. For instance, 8 bananas at a grocery would be five dollars… only $1.42 at Costco! Three dollars isn’t a ton but when you are on a budget every little bit helps. I also get my Biotin pills there and a bottle of 250 capsules are only $13.49… while at CVS a bottle of 100 capsules in $12.29. Ya, haha do the math! Makes so much more sense to get more for your money. So next time you need to stock up and shop smart consider Costco. So worth it!!!




And Shopping with your best friends makes it a million times better!