K-Cups Coffee Hack!

Coffee could possibly be my favorite thing…Actually it is. I love going to Starbucks and getting my perfectly personalized gourmet coffee, but we all know how quick that can add up and become very expensive. So, I normally make my coffee at home every morning and only go to Starbucks as a treat. When I am at my apartment I will make a pot of coffee but at my boyfriend’s place he has a keruig… which is amazing, except those little k-cups become expensive very fast as well. Especially, since I drink one-two cups a day! When I stopped at Costco I checked their selection of k-cups but still a container of 80 cups were 40 dollars… which is still a lot to send at once on coffee.

I came up with a solution! I had a huge Costco size container of coffee and would hate if it went to waste. So, I googled k-cups alternatives and found this little gem!

I couldn’t believe it was only $14.99 and I had a 20% off coupon. For only 11 dollars I had a reusable k-cup that I could use my own coffee in. A couple great things about it: change or alternate your coffee choice as often as you would like, make your coffee as weak or strong as desired and have as many cups without the expense of the normal k-cups. Very happy I came across this little red cup!