Costco Food court- A Slice of Heaven

Sooo I realize in yesterday’s post I said I was trying to eat healthier… The key word is trying! haha I am eating better so that when I want to indulge I can completely enjoy it! I can honestly and completely say I savored every moment. 

Costco is the best for many reasons. I love stocking up and saving on everyday necessities but… you know what the best reward to a hard shopping day at Costco is??? Well Costco’s Food Court, of course. So my girlfriend and I completed our Costco outing with a pepperoni pizza, very berry sundae and a churro! So satisfying! I am sure all of you lovies have experienced these amazing treats, if for some reason you haven’t… then next time go to Costco you better show up hungry!

If it makes it any better all the groceries I bought were all healthy and nutritious. Every once in a while you have to treat your self!