Mangia Neapolitan Pizza- The New Family Business

My dad has always loved cooking. I grew up eating very unique and amazing prepared meals!! He pretty much was our in house gourmet chef. haha Everything from crab boils to smoking every type of meat possible. I was not mad about it at all. Could be where I got my amazing love for food. We have always wanted him to do something fun with his passion but he never knew what exactly it would be!

For a while now my dad has been working on opening a pizza franchise with his buddies out of Boston. They already have 10 store in the Boston and the Rhode Island area and my dad is going to franchise the western region. I am pretty excited because I really love pizza!!

The first one on the west coast is in Park City, Utah. Mangia Neapolitan Pizza is some of the best pizza I have ever had. The cool thing about this pizza is you don’t feel stuffed nor is it incredibly heavy. Due to the fact that there not being any oil, bromated flour, nor GMO’s. All the ingredients are fresh, the sauce is made daily and the crust is made in Boston. So it is actually an east coast crust pizza. You can really taste and feel the difference. Yesterday I was the first time I got to try it! We ordered the Garlic knots (my dads recipe), the BBQ chicken pizza and the Tuscany with sausage. It was so yummy!! I have heard so much about this pizza and I was so happy I finally got to try it and see all of my dad’s and little brother’s accomplishments. Proud daughter and sister!