Cottom Bottom Inn Garlic Burgers

Ever since I was a kid my parents always brought my brother and I back these amazing garlic burgers. I knew that they came from this place called Cotton Bottom Inn but we’ve never been there. You have to be 21 years old to get in… we were always sad that we couldn’t go with so they always got some to go!! haha Welllll….. I am finally 21!!! so last weekend when I was home we took my dad their for his birthday lunch!! I was so excited, it was like fulfilling my childhood!¬†

It is literally this little hole in the wall place they has been there for about 52 years. Tiny, old and amazing!!! If you ever are in Utah or live there it’s a must try!!! Just the feel and the simpleness is so worth it! If you do go you have to get the garlic burgers… duh haha! Soooo good, it’s the only thing I would recommend!!! I now feel like¬† I am a real adult… haha that I can now go to this mystery place that my parents used to bring these yummy burgers from. It’s the little things in life!