Dogeared… My Everyday Accessory

When I was fifteen my mom gave me a necklace for Christmas that quickly became very sentimental to me. She gave me my first Dogeared piece of jewelry. It was a dainty angel wing charm on silver chain with my favorite quote, which is “follow your dreams”. Ever since then I have fallen in love with this brand. In fact, I wear this necklace every day and have for the last five years. Never go a day with out my angel wing.






Since then, I have reacquired a few more necklaces… each with different meanings. I adore the fact that each have a significance and personal significance.

The circle necklace was given to me by I friend… at the time I was going through a hard time and it was exactly what I needed!! All four meanings fit perfectly in my life and was very helpful!! It basically is a necklace to remind you circles are forever continuing and so is life!





 The Good Fortune necklace means a lot to me… I love pigs and so does my mom! So since she got me my first dogearred necklace I decided to get her one for  birthday a few years ago! I got each of us one as a mother daughter gift. She loves it!! I love sharing meaningful things with loved ones!




Simple is always better in my opinion, especially for jewelry you wear every day.