OOTW- Fabulous Yellow Shorts

I feel it is important to have a few unique items in your closet. I have plenty of jeans and casual shorts but I wanted to add a few shorts for summer that can be dressed up if I need them to be. The other day I was walking into Forever21 looking for some things for a photo shoot and of course that’s when I stumbled upon these gems!! It’s always when you aren’t looking that you find exactly what you want!! haha So I tried them on and they fit perfectly. The high waisted made the fit adorable and the material was so classy. I contemplated not giving in and getting them but I knew I would be mad later if I didn’t. When I got to the register the guy was like “these are amazing… and they are an extra 30% off today”… so I walked out of there with a $20 dollar pair of shorts for only $16… not gonna lie… I was pretty happy!!! 

Not only did I achieve my goal of adding a unique item but I got them on sale with out even knowing it!! YAY!!! 

top: american eagle
bottoms: forever21
shoes: trouve