My First Vidcon!!

This year was my first time at Vidcon. I had such a great time. It was so amazing to see and meet so many talents and unique creators. Not to mention meeting so many fans. Such a new and unbelievable experience. You loves are so dedicated and inspiring to me!! I got the chance to experience most of Sawyer’s interviews and panels. It was so incredible to see how far he has come and to see how much hard work he has put into his career. Also hearing¬† him talk about The Parallax Theory and his take on creating… truly amazing. Proud moment!¬†
I feel if any of you have anytime of dream make sure you peruse it. Whether it is a YouTube channel, blog or something that doesn’t have to do with social media at all!! Whatever it is start now… even if you are questioning yourself… just do it. Trust me you will thank yourself in six months!!! I personally learned this… you just have to start somewhere!!