Pazookie A La Mode… Hack!!!

As we all know my sweet tooth is ridiculous… no shame!!!! I can admit I love my desserts. So last week Gianna and I were having a girls night and wanted to bake. At first we wanted to get all creative and bake something from scratch… then we got to the store and decided to take the easy way out and get a roll of cookie dough and a tub of vanilla ice cream. You can never go wrong with that combination!

As we were putting the cookies on the sheet I had a great last minute idea. I have seen it on pinterest sooooo I know I didn’t create this wonderful idea… I just haven’t done it. I’ve seen where people use cupcake holders to cook sweets in, which is great for two things… easy clean up and a cute way to serve. As I had this last minute brilliant idea I realized I only had birthday balloon cupcake holders… but we wanted to try it anyways!

I didn’t know how they would turn out. I feared that they would flatten the holder out and not hold shape! I was wrong… they were PERFECT!!!! Of course, we then topped it off with a scoop of ice cream. We created the easiest, always yummy and super cute little Pazookie A La Mode!! So if you want or need a quick  and easy dessert this is it!! It’s a must try!