Clover Juice- New to the Pressed Juice World

When it comes to eating healthy… I try to be really good. It is all in moderation! The one thing I have never really gotten into was juicing. It was probably because I wasn’t introduced the right way. I’ve always thought of all juices being super green and taste like salad… I was proven wrong!

My friend, Brad, who is a part of Clover Juice invited me to stop by and actually experience juices the right way… I haven’t been living! It is now safe to say I am addicted to pressed juice. I went to the location on La Brea in Los Angeles… such a fun spot. Brad talked to me about how it all works, why they created certain drinks, and how great it is for you. He then showed me all the different type of drinks and helped me pick out a few. 

Since I am new and don’t love too green of things… we went more on the fruit and sweeter side. I was not mad about it at all. I ended up leaving with the Goldn’ Greens, Glow, The Quench, Caramel Salt and SoHo… which is an exclusive juice they only make for SoHo house in LA! Personally my favorite was the Goldn’ Greens (for the green and fruity side) but the Caramel Salt was simply amazing… it has chunks of dark coco in it! I never knew juicing could be this yummy!!



 They also have healthy juice pops…. its the juice that are in the bottles… but frozen!!! I had one and they are so much better than sugary popsicles… just sayin!

I was on their website and found some very helpful info… 

Health & Nutrition

“We wanted to make the nutritional benefits of high quality and great tasting juice accessible to everyone. Historically, when consumers think about juicing or juice bars, there is a perception of it being exclusively for people who live uber-healthy lifestyles. For us, it’s about moderation, creating an experience, and offering a product selection where there is truly something for everyone. Healthy should be approachable, a part of your lifestyle and taste great!”
I have always wondered if juicing is good for me… I mean I know it is… but you wonder to what extent and I found this answer under their FAQs!
“Juicing is great for you! Aside from the fact that you’ll feel amazing after drinking a fresh pressed juice, you’re making it easy and convenient for your body to get it’s daily required intake of fruits and vegetables. We press three pounds of produce into every 16oz bottle, which means you’re consuming a ton of plant based nutrients.”
One last cool little thing about Clover juice is they deliver… Not just LA but all over the US. So if you want to try some just order online!!! 


Well lovies… that was my experience at Clover Juice. I hope you guys enjoyed my first pressed juice experience. If you want to check them out head to or follow them on instagram @cloverjuices.