The Best Starbucks Hack!!!

Coffee could possibly be my favorite thing. I must have my coffee everyday! Normally that means going to Starbucks… everyday, but I have been trying to cut back on the 4 bucks a day. It is amazing if you think about how much we spend on coffee… that’s $28 a week… $120 a month. So if you are trying to save money for any reason… which we all are… then here is a little trick I found!!

I created an amazing hack… What I have done for you loves is show you how to make the same exact drink but at home! It really is no secret except using your resources. On they have the exact drinks with what goes in it. So what I did is ordered the syrups online and now… I can make them at home for so much cheaper!!!! 

Before I found the syrups online I found the pre made  Iced coffee at target, or any grocery store, for only $4 a bottle. I love having coffee already made so all I need to do is fix it up in the morning!

My favorite drink is either a Caramel Macchiato or an Iced Caramel Coffee with Caramel drizzle. So I ordered the Vanilla Syrup and the Fontana Caramel Drizzle. Using these two ingredients, the pre made Starbucks iced coffee and some non fat milk… I can feed my addiction and  make my favorite drink for a fraction of the price. Sounds great to me!!!!

-2 pumps of Vanilla Syrup
-Caramel drizzle around the cup
-Iced coffee with room
-Non fat milk to fill cup

Lovies that is the secret to making my favorite Starbucks drink at home!! If you have a favorite drink I dare you to try this and see how much you will save in the long run!