How to Remove Wax From Old Candle

When I buy candles I always go for the ones in the cute jars. My plan has always been to reuse the jars but I have never known how to get the wax out. I have finally made it to the end of some of my nice jars so I have searched on pinterest how to remove the wax. I am hoping it work… so here is my first attempt. Lovies here is the step by step from Snapguide

I saw a few different options… one being pour boiling water and melt the wax out. I went with the freezer method. 

1. Place the jar in the freezer. The wax actually shrinks when frozen making it easy to remove. Depending on the type of jar you have (if the opening is smaller than the base, you will need to take a butter knife and make cuts in the wax so it freezes it will come out easier) 


2. Leave it in the freezer for 30-ish minutes. the wax will start to lift from the sides.

3. Peel and labels and any remaining wax out of the jar.

4. Clean the residue out of the jar with a paper towel so no mess is left on a sponge. “Wax can be easily removed with vinegar, baby oil, olive oil, or orange solvent.”

5. Rinse and reuse!!! 

~ I am excited to use these jars… I want to replant a few  plants that are over grown. I am excited about this little life hack!! I love making you uses for cute things you already bought. It’s like you get double for  your money!!