Home Sweet Home… A Week Away

First off I would like to apologize for not being active on my blog last week. I went home to Utah for six day and it was amazing. It was a much needed get away. Every once in awhile I love to go home and regroup.

In August I told my mom to come visit me in LA… instead she surprised me with a ticket to come home. I haven’t been home for a few months and going back to Utah in the fall is the best. Seeing the leaves change and the crisp air is my favorite.

I imagined this trip to be so relaxing and the perfect time for me to recenter my self. Some how that did not happen… the centering yes… but the relaxing no! haha It ended up being a very busy trip. When ever I go home I have so many to-do’s and things to catch up on.

The trip started out a little rough… my flight was late leaving Burbank so I missed my connecting flight in Oakland. Ollie and I had to wait another four hours for the next flight! So our short flight turned into an all day affair! We ended up getting to Utah just in time for my tattoo appointment!!!! Sooo with out further a due here is a recap of my trip home.

Let’s see… my trip started with getting my first tattoo! 

Also saw Stixx and Def Leppard in concert. It was so fun!! Loved rocking out with my mom and her friends!


My dad and spend the afternoon together in Park City. So beautiful driving through the canyon and seeing all the fall colors! Also stopped by the family restaurant, Mangia’s Pizzeria, for some amazing pizza and garlic knots!!! 

I also became a doggie aunt!! My little brother got his first puppy and named him Leo!!! The sweetest little thing ever!!!…. and yes I am holding him upside down!! haha

So like I said I always have to do’s when I am in Utah… I had my hair appointment, finally ordered my new phone and computer and got to catch up with friends and family. My mom even made her Jambalaya the last night I was there!!! I was one happy girl… nothing better than mamas southern cooking.

I love going home. There is just something about family that makes you balance and re discover yourself! The last little while has been an interesting time for me and I really needed this trip.