New Fall Fitness Challenge

Working out is definitely one if my favorite things to do. Now that summer is over and fall is here means working out more consistently. Mainly because fall comfort food is the best. With more food means harder work outs.

I don’t have a problem with working out or making my self do something. I have always loved pushing my self to train harder…. Except for cardio… Cardio can be the death of me, Until now! I found this fitness app that I am in love with. It is not that I can’t run or don’t like too it’s just making my self do it.
The 10K Runner makes you… well it sets you up for success. It is structured in intervals so every day is different. You are building and working towards running a 10K. The app was $3.99 but if four dollars makes me actually do cardio then it is soon worth it!

How it works:

~ Start each work out with 5 minute walking warm up
~ You walk/running intervals
~ The time will increase and as you progress
~ Then you finish each day with a cool down of five minutes

Cardio is not for everyone but it helps when you find something that works for you! I just wanted to share this little gem just incase you need the same inspiration as me. I am challenging me self to so this at least three times a week and reach the end of this training app…. and hopefully run a 10K!!!

Let me know if you try it and update me so we can do this thing together lovies!!!