My Travel Necessities!!!

We have been traveling soooo much!!!! I am having an absolute blast. During our travels I have needed to really figure out what is a necessity and what isn’t. I learned this lesson the most while packing for Beijing, China! I posted a video on the same topic not to long ago but I wanted to share it here as well!!

Here are my suggestions for packing:

1.  Always make a list of the things you NEED to bring.
2. ¬†Make sure you have any important documents… passports, itineraries, etc.
3. Make piles of clothing you want, then make out fits and remove any unnecessary clothing.
4. Try to travel light… which is very hard for me.

Little tip…. lay everything out before you make it up and make sure everything is needed!
Things I personally never travel without:
~ Sunglasses
~ Passport
~ My Planner
~ Lap Top or iPad