Summer Workout Routine!!

Well I can’t believe summer is already half way over… but it’s never to late to get that summer bod!!! So here is a little video that I created to share with you loves my favorite summer routine.
I first start off my work out with a minimum of 30 minutes of cardio! 
Then I move on to my weighted and targeted exercises. So I personally like to do each of these work outs 15 times each in sets of threes… but you can adjust the number of reps that best suite your body.
  1. basic push ups- upper body ( its a full upper body work out, chest, arms shoulders… I personally don’t love to work out my arms because i don’t want them to get to bulky… i want them to look lean and tones so these are perfect and simple.)
  2. dumb bell side bend- abs (targets the obliques and strengthens your back )
  3. but lifts/ glute extensions- but (probably my favorite butt exercise.)
  4. weighted walking lunges- legs (love that these get the inner thigh)
  5. weighted bridge lifts- But and abs 
  6. scissors/ criss cross- abs