3 Secrets to Eating Healthy in Bali

We were in bali for 3 weeks and it was an absolute blast. I wanted to share with you a little secret and a huge perk that i have discovered about being in Bali. We all know how hard it is to eat healthy or clean in general and even harder when your traveling. So here is the secret… its sooooo easy to eat healthy in Bali…. and here are the three reasons I  came up with as to why…

One… it is easily accessible. Almost every restaurant is either vegan or has tons of healthy options. It is great for sawyer and I. I like to stay on the cleaner and healthier side anddddd he is like hardier  and heavier goos since he just burns right through food. It’s so nice that we can both order what we want at the same restaurant, just so many options.

Two… it is Very affordable, like crazy reasonable. Compared to LA and to most places in other parts of the world… the food and drinks in Bali are amazingly priced… except for alcohol… that is very expensive only because they have to import it… but for instance… an acai bowl is about 65,000 rupiah which is around $5 US, a latte is about 30,000 rupiah = $2.25 US… and like a breakfast sandwich is 40,000 rupiah = $3 US…. so most of our meals consist of Sawyer ordering two entries, a coke, I order a coffee and a entry totaling in around $195,000 which only ends up being  about $15 US. That is crazy cheap! In LA that would be just one sandwich if your lucky!!! haha so yes we love eating in Bali!

Three… you never have to eat at the same restaurant twice…. there really that many options. Literally there are so many little cafes and cute restaurants all next to each other and all have amazing food. I have never been to a place with so many great healthy food options in such a close vicinity!

Sooooo, yes there is my opinion as to why it is so easy to eat healthy in bali!

I don’t know why but Bali is this huge hub of healthy food. My favorite city to find food in are Canggu and Seminyak… they are the more touristy places but that also makes it easy to get around and find things you are used to. Some of my favorites are a smoothie bowl or acai bowls! I pretty much eat one a day… I am obsessed! Or little protein balls. every vegan restaurant has them… sometimes I’ll just grab a few and keep them at the villa so that way I always have a snack. Also bali has such amazing coffees… i pretty much order one every chance I get. SO yummy! Here are some of my favorite restaurants: Crate, the revolver, the shady shake, canteen cafe, cafe organic and el mer kate cafe.

Well to wrap it all up I hope yo have enjoyed my little reasons why Eating in Bali is so awesome! Eating healthy and clean can be hard but being here in Bali has made it so much easier and a lot of fun…. some of the cafes are just so cute that they make you want to healthy haha. Bali has done such a great job with they food industry that I would come here months at a time just to try a new restaurant every day! Any ways… Love you all!

Cafe Organic


The Revolver

Crate Cafe