My Skincare Essentials For Sunny Days

Our last few trips have been to tropical locations… which means SUN!!! Being in the sun is amazing for your soul andddd your tan buttttt not for your face. So I thought I would share with you loves my skincare products that I use for when I am exposed to the sun.

Apparently… the sun can damage and age your face quicker…  words from a wise woman. That wise woman  being my mom,  she was always reminding me to take care of my skin. I always listened to her but only would properly protect my face when I randomly remembered or if she was standing right there. I am now at the age where it matters… not cause I am seeing my skin age but because if I start taking proper care now I won’t have so much sun damage and or wrinkles later. These are things that you now have to worries about as we get older. I am all about preventing vs. trying to reverse skin damage.

My sun skincare “routine” if you will… is very simple. I am sure there are more products I can eventually add in but at this time these are the product I am currently traveling with….

~Infinity Sun – Glow on the Go~

Being that I try not to tan my face… it results in a very white face haha so I stumbled upon this gem. This little bottle solves all of my problems when it comes to a really white face! I initially bought this spray tan in a can  to fix or touch up my spray after a few days but quickly found a weekly use for it. Most of the time my body is always more tan than my face soooo once a week after I wash my face at night I throw on a disposable shower cap and spray away. Within seconds it looks like I’ve been in Hawaii for a couple of weeks. Then in the morning I wash my face and just like that… I am bronzed. The best part is… no sun was involved. It looks so natural but yet adds coverage like natural looking foundation so I don’t have to wear any make up. So its a win win for my face and a break from the sun.

~Jan Marini – Physical Protectant SPF 45 ~

I was not one to put on daily or even consistently wear sunscreen. Well I got my hand smacked… literally! I was in Utah and my moms friend is an esthetician. She was so nice and offered to give me a facial. The first question out of her mouth was… “what sunscreen are you wearing? and please don’t say whatever is in your makeup”…. I got really quite and said “since I can’t say… whatever is in my make up… then it’s safe to say, I don’t wear any! “ No joke Tracy smacked my hand haha! She told me I must wear a medical grade sunscreen everyday!!! She recommended the Jan Marini SPF 45. I have been wearing it everyday since and I love it. It’s light and tinted so even if I don’t have make up on it adds a very nice glow and dewy finish.

I really have noticed a difference wearing this sunscreen. With all the traveling and exposure to sun it is nice to know I am protecting my face properly.

~L’oreal – Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream~

And a BB Cream…I don’t like to wear tons of make up when in the sun all day. I prefer something thin, light coverage and breathable. Nothing is worse than sweating off make up in the humidity. Sometimes my BB Cream brand varies but one of my go-tos is this L’oreal beautifying cream. I know what you are thinking…. this doesn’t have sunscreen in it…. You are right… There is no sunscreen but that’s ok because I layer this on top of my Jan Marini. Plus… I have heard from many sources including my moms friend, Tracy, that sunscreen that is in grocery store products actually don’t protect as well or as long because it is not medical grade.  Which makes sense. So I am not worried about it as long as I am wearing my medical sunscreen underneath.

Well loves there you have it… This is how I keep my face tan, protected and lightly covered! It is hard to find good face products that don’t break you out or that actually work… Trust me I know. Soooo just keep it simple, do your research and WEAR YOUR SUNSCREEN!!!!