Our Adventures Around Bali

Bali… Bali is a special place. Every time we are there we have the most amazing time. It is one of those places that you could spend a few months there and not even realize it. We booked this trip for two weeks and as soon as we got there we extended for ten more days! It is just too much fun not to! I don’t know what it is about Bali but there are always so many amazing people there!! The first day we were we there we meet a group of like 20 people and still keep in touch with all of them!! If you ever get a chance to visit Bali, you won’t be disappointed.

This trip consisted of a lot of photos! We were with photographers all day and every day. So we had a lot of fun getting creative and really taking advantage of the beauty around us! So here are a good bit of my favorite photos forms he trip!

I hope you lovies enjoy!