My Summer Fitness Challenge… First Week Of P90X!!!

The difference between wanting and achieving is discipline! 


Well loves… I have started a fitness journey, unlike anything I have ever done before! For the next 90 days… Sawyer and I are challenging our selves to the P90X full body transformation! That means 90 days of hard and committed work. Working out 7 days a week, on a strict meal plan… so cooking 3 times a day and discovering how to train and work out together. So not only a physical challenge but a mental and relationship challenge!

We are very excited! Getting my health back on track is something I really wanted to do for a long time and doing it with a partner makes it so much more enjoyable and encouraging. 

FYI… during this whole process, I am going to be completely honest, open and real with you loves… but not just for you but for my self… by sharing this with you is making me open up, face my fears and hold my self-accountable. I will be sharing my ups and downs, my before and after photos, and everything in-between. I want to document this experience for my self and for anyone else who is thinking about making this kind of commitment. 

Why am I doing this?

Some of you might ask why I am doing it? Isn’t it a little extreme… Yes and but not really… Here’s why! We have been traveling for the last three months straight. That meant no time for the gym and no gym in general, eating whenever we want… so all the time, eating everything in sight…. so all the carbs possible, especially in Europe. All of this is great for a week or so but after three and half months… not only does your body see the effect but so does your mental health. At least for me, I didn’t like the way my mind was feeling. I was getting down on my self, didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin and I was feeling sluggish.

So… why you ask, Well I just want to be the most confident and best version of my self. For me, that is being mentally and physically in shape. So that is what I am going to do. I’m hitting the reset button… 90 days to kick my booty, literally, into shape! LET’S DO THIS!!!!

The Plan…

So there were a few different options we could have picked… We chose the biggest commitment it offered… 90 day challenge. We could have picked another fitness plan but since we made the goal to get in the best shapes of our lives together… well then we figured we had to pick the hardest thing we could find. After tons of research, looking at peoples results and reading blogs about it. We landed on this one.

Now within the P90x challenge we had some options as well… just do the work outs, or to do the workouts and follow the food portions oooorrrrr to do the full shabannngggg…. The work outs and the full food plans. Well of course, we pick the hardest… the full shabannnggg!!! Yep, we are fully committed. We have the binders with the all the paperwork, the fitness logs, the food plan with exactly what we are supposed to eat, and all the equipment.  

First weeks thoughts…

We are now 1 week and 4 days in… gezzzzzzz is all I have to say! Good gracious it is a lot of hard work butttt I am beginning to feel so much better. I personally consider the first week to be the hardest… I am working out harder than I ever have, eating cleaner and more well balanced, detoxing all the foods and treats I am used to, and cooking every single meal. We are more exhausted then we ever thought we possible… It truly is the make it or break it week. These past 11 days have challenged my work ethic, my physical ability and my cooking skills… I feel if I just stay committed and keep my goals in sight then there is not way physically this can’t change you from head to toe. 

The hardest thing about it?

So far, the most challenging thing is completely changing my daily routine. Fitting this new way of life in to our already crazy lifestyle has taken some patience. I am one who loves having routines. There is something so comfortable about having structure in my life. So, readjusting our normal habits as a couple and reworking them to fit this new schedule is hard but very doable. Its one thing to do it for a week the challenge is to make a new way of life… I have never had to be on this strict of a schedule…

Doing it with a partner…

In all honestly, this has been a extreme experience…. I really wanted to make some personally changes in my life and the best part about this is I get to do it with my best friend and life partner. Not many people have someone who pushes them daily to reach their goals…. I have some one who asks me the uncomfortable questions, asks me how bad I want it, encourages me do one more rep and tells me get lower in my squats anndddd  who even loves me when I am “sometimes” moody cause I can’t have ice cream or cookies… I am pretty lucky to have someone to go this with me. It only makes both of us work harder, stay committed and push each other to our limits… this is who we are, a team and are going to achieve this!! So thank you to Sawyer for doing this with me and making me realize my full potential! 

My Goals for the next three months

  • Feel more confident mentally and physically
  • Tone up my body and get more muscle definition, not as much loose weight but feel more fit
  • Lift my booty- everyone wants that!!! haha
  • Create Healthier eating habits
  • Loose 6 Ibs
  • Get my abs toned and possibly a six pack… YA!
  • Challenge my self to keep pushing on every level
  • Have a changed outlook on fitness and what the effects can be when you push my personal limits

I love setting goals and being able to check them off when you achieve them, it is so rewarding to my OCD tendencies. Which is why I feel is it very beneficial to give your self a reward at the end of the three months… It is just reassurance to keep you focused on the end goal. So once you have achieved your goals and the 90 days you can reward your self… My reward is going to be new work out gear! Cause when I reach that 90 mark I am proving to my self I am committed and I can justify spending the money on the gear that will be proven to be worn!!! Woohoooo!!! I can’t wait!!! So determine your reward too… it will be fun to treat yourself! 

My Before Photos

Here are my before photos… as scary as this may be… I am excited to be sharing them on here… no edits, no make up, no nothing. For me, they are a representation of change, determination, and acceptance. Although I am happy with where my body is… it weird to be sharing these photos… like I said I haven’t be the most comfortable in my skin lately… I am currently 115 lbs, not that it is crazy but it is not where I am personally most comfortable, plus knowing I have lost all my muscle. Working out has always made me feel more confident and secure, which is why I am taking control of my self again and making changes. By including my before and after photos in this entry I am declaring my commitment and my being honest to my self. I don’t know how extreme the after photos will be… but even the slightest change will me a milestone. I am excited to see what and where the changes will be…


Soooooo Overall…

I am not looking at this as a diet for 90 days or something that will be over in 3 months… but make this a lifestyle! It won’t happen over night and it won’t be easy causeeee if it were easy everyone would do it… I have never verbal committed everyday to something this big before. So I am doing this to show my self I can and that I will.  So that’s it… that is the biggest goal and thing main I want to walk away with. If you want it bad enough… you can do anything!  Its not about where you begin but where you end up… So I am putting in the work and the results will come…