Escaping In Spain

A few weeks ago we had the luxury of spending two weeks in two different cities in Spain. We have been on a nonstop traveling kick lately and it finally ended with a bang in Spain. I couldn’t have been more excited for these two weeks.

The reason we ended up in Cadiz was very exciting. We were meeting Sawyers mom, Karen and her best friend, Curly. Karen is retiring… so to celebrate we met them in Spain. Not going to lie… I was not mad about it. Two weeks in Spain doing absolutely no work, no nothing except for enjoying my boyfriends family! It was the most relaxing time we have had in a long time and it was well deserved!

Below are some of my favorite photos from our trip! Like I said this trip was a vacation so we weren’t there for content so the pictures below are ones that we wanted personally for memories and I am so happy to be sharing them here. It is fun to have these moments all in one place and being able to share my memories!


Cadiz, Spain… First off is absolutely stunning! It’s this tiny town at the southern tip of Spain. There are nearly any cars in this little city, ton and tons of dogs, and so many people roaming the streets at all times of the day. Our first day there around three pm every store and restaurant started to close… I was so confused… then we learned it was siesta time! Every day from around three to seven pm you get to rest, nap, hang with family and regroup… Then at seven its time to go out and get dinner. It was weird to get used to at first… but a few days in I was well adapted!

The lifestyle was so simple… the shopping was so fun, the site seeing was beautiful and the people were so nice and helpful! We would wake up about ten in the morning leave around eleven… walk around… come home for siesta… then go out of dinner! very enjoyable! I even had to hang all our clothes on a clothes line on the roof… it was my first time doing that. It felt like right out of a picture… I LOVED this place!





We only spent three days in Seville so we had to do some power site seeing. It was just Sawyer and me in Seville and we would just walk around with no agenda. We just kept finding amazing food! haha, It was so much fun to explore and just take it in for our selves… no filming just enjoying our last days in Spain!!