Brunch with a Dear Friend… Meet Tatum Chiniquy

You loves will never believe this… well the super cute girl in the photos below… I have actually known her for 5 years! We  were co-stars in a movie together. It was really funny, in the movie we were both cast we to play mean girls in high school and neither of us have a mean bone in our bodies! Every time we finished a scene we would apologize to the other actors, we just felt so bad being mean! haha She is seriously the most darling human ever!!!

Over the years, we both started blogs and are trying the whole social media thing! Through that Tatum and I have kept in touch. Finally our schedules and travel plans match up. We both were in Los Angeles on Monday so we got the opportunity to get brunch together at Aroma Cafe. I was so happy to see this little cutie!

We talked and talked for hours… from family, travels, blogging, acting to her moving to LA…. just catching up. I mean the last time I saw Tatum she was 15 and I was 18! This hang was well over due! I was so excited when I heard she was moving here!!! I love when friends come to LA and we hang out and see each other frequently!

Anyyyy whoooo…. I just wanted to introduce this lovely lady to you. You loves will adore her blog and instagram


~ My Brunch Look ~

When I looked up the weather it said it was going to be 90 degrees… Perfect! I chose an oversized black button down from zara, my go to one teaspoon demin shorts, and some pointed trendy flats. I was very proud of this outfit… except the weather lied… it was soooooo hot. Must have been wayyyy hotter than 90 degrees! I was sweating like no other. I would have given anything to be in a flow loose dress!!! Besides that… this outfit will definitely be worn again!! haha Super cute!


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