The Food Plan… Fitness Challenge Update

First off… I have never cooked so much in my life!!! To be completely honest… I didn’t really know how to cook.

I was really fortunate to grow up in a house where cooking and food was a huge part of our lives. My dad lovvvveesss to cook! It is one my favorite memory from my childhood. Every day I would ask my dad “what’s for dinner?” and without doubt or hesitation, my dad would reply with one of three options, 1… “Well, Ham… I think I am going to to try some new tonight”, 2… “Well, I think I am going to do something a little different for dinner tonight” or 3…. my personal favorite… “Well I saw this recipe on the food network and they didn’t do it right so I am going to see if I can make it better!”. Bottom line, my dad is a very confident and talented cook! I love that about him! I have never had a bad meal at home… ughhhhh now I am missing my dad’s food! Ok, well thanks for going down memory lane with me!

Back to my food plan point…

Since my dad was always the one cooking, I never got the opportunity to learn. Not because he didn’t want to teach me but he was soo good at it I didn’t want to mess it up! andddd we were all instructed to stay out of the kitchen… except the dogs… they were the mops!

I always knew I would love cooking… and Sawyer would always ask me “why I don’t cook?” well the answer was simple… I have never really tried… or have had the means to try. Cooking can be expensive and when he met me I didn’t have the means or time to cook extravagant meals. Plus, for the last year and a half, we were traveling and were never home to cook. Now, times have changed, I have grown up, and I have to learn to cook!

If it weren’t for this food plan I would have never pushed my self to try all of these new recipes. I personally love eating clean and healthy, so when Sawyer and I decided to do this fitness plan my personal contribution was to do the cooking. I have been loving the challenge.

The reality of the food plan…

A food plan can seem scary… not gonna lie, I was scared. I have never challenged myself with food. I have always eaten pretty healthy… but I LOVE my frozen yogurt, chocolate chip cookies, cereal, and pasta! This plan just like most lifestyle changing plans… is on a different level that you are used to… To mentally discipline and allow something else to control your life physically and mentally is very humbling. To succumb to something that will get you to your end goal is very empowering! Challenging, yes… Impossible NO!

My first thought was “this will be so easy… I just cook healthy food and not eat sugar or tons of carbs… I got this!”. Wrong… It was not easy… the cravings and the temptations are endless. With food aspect, you just have to remember your end goal. Personally, the food plan is harder than going to the gym… the gym is just one to two hours a day and you are done… the food plan is ALL DAY, EVERYDAY!!!

My Breaking Point… 

The first day was the hardest… I take that back… before I started cooking was the hardest. I had to go through the recipes and food plan and create a grocery list! It took me about two and a half hours… P90X needs to really provide you with a grocery list… It was seriously two hours too long to make that list…. The list was over 150 items I swear. I guess that’s one way to see if you’re committed!

Well, it tested my commitment… two and half hours making the list + one hour at Costco + two hours at Ralph’s = Angelique’s breaking down… almost crying… angry and ready to quit before we even began! Sooooo overwhelming, I was so frustrated! haha, I called my dad (who created, Fit Foods 2 You, a prepared and delivery food plan nutrition company), and was telling him about my experience with the grocery… and he said… “Ya, let’s see how long this lasts”. He told me something… a good point… as soon people start feeling like it is a chore or becomes too time-consuming, people will just stop doing it! Well, I saw that as a challenge. haha gotta prove dad wrong!

I survived the initial grocery shop, which is the hardest only because you are getting every little thing… sauces, spices, meats, cheeses, and randoms things I have never heard of! The good thing is food plan changes every month so you won’t have to do that intense of a shop every week… thank the good lord!

Get Rid of the Junk…

The very first thing they tell you is to get rid of the junk!!! I mean it makes sense, If you are 100% committed then you can’t eat it any ways, soon throw it out! So that is exactly what we did… we didn’t have much cause we have been out of town. But it did feel good to know that If we were craving something, the only thing available were healthy options. Plus, if you are following the food plan right then you won’t get hungry often. They have you eating very consistently, every two hours, so that way you don’t crash, bonk or crave!

Month one… Week one…

Week one was the most pretty interesting… The fat shredding month. We cut out most sugars, fats, and carbs. Being that I am not that experienced of a cook, I did surprise myself many times! I never thought I would know how to grill salmon, steam an artichoke, make red pepper soup, or beef stir fry! Mind you, all of it is made from scratch… no pre made help except for turkey burgers and egg whites… I recommend buying those at Costco… much easier and a time saver! haha

There was one thing that surprised me…. The portion sizes were huge!! Way bigger than I expected. I think I confused meal plan with DIET… two very different things in our heads!  It is amazing when you eat cleaner how much more food you can have! I feel like we are eating like a king and queen yet… it is healthy and exactly what they are telling us to do! Totally cool with it!

We had a ton of fun grilling, cooking and working with each other! Never have we ever been that active in the kitchen and to do it together is great. It is cool knowing you made the meal together, you appreciate it more… way more than ordering in. I mean, each meal takes 30 mins to an hour and a half… so you definitely earned the meal! I truly believe cooking as a couple could help or enhance a relationship! 🙂

Weeks Two – Four…

I am currently in week four. So this is the last week of this meal plan. It definitely got easier during these weeks. The first week not only were you learning the recipes but also detoxing and totally changing your eating habits. The last three weeks I already knew the recipes, I knew how each day would go and how much time is needed to prepare the meals. Plus, staying on track was easier because we knew it was doable. There were a few times we ate out because we couldn’t make it home for a meal, well that just meant we had to pick a healthy restaurant and make smart choices! I think in the last month I ate out maybe six times… which is pretty good considering we live in LA and used to eat out once if not twice a day. Overall, my craving subsided, my eating habits are now routine, and my healthy choices became second nature. I really enjoyed this month and the challenges it faced.

Tips For The Food Plan….

  • Don’t get overwhelmed… take it one meal at a time
  • At night look at the next day’s meals so you can mentally prepare and remind your self what will be expected
  • Adapt… sometimes a meal won’t go as planned or you don’t have the right ingredients… go with the flow and just pick healthy options
  • Adjust the meals… Sawyer and I sometimes don’t like the same things so I would make them fit our lifestyle
  • Challenge yourself to try new foods and recipes
  • Treat yourself- well not quite what you are thinking… I have found health treat items that I allow my self to have when I am craving… Mine being 86% Dark Cocoa Chocolate! nowwwww only two square haha I know sounds crazy but it works for me!

Grilled Chicken with Artichokes and Grilled Salmon with Asparagus…




The last thing I am going to do is share the grocery shopping list… I just want you loves to see the anxiety it causes haha! Orrrrrrrrr in case you are thinking you want to try it you guys already have the Month One Grocery List!! haha oh, and please excuse any spelling errors… spelling is not my forte!