A Road Trip Across Italy

Below is actually my voice over piece from my vlog from this Italy trip… I included it in the post because I couldn’t put into better or more words as to how this trip has made me feel! If you haven’t seen the video, it would mean the world to me if you could check it out! I honestly feel it is my best vlog yet and my favorite travel video I have ever done! I have also attached some of my favorite photos from the trip! …. ENJOY! 🙂

When writing my bucket list… I always write down my wildest dreams…  the kind of dreams that you can only imagine coming true. But always wondering when that day will actually come. There is always this feeling of uncertainty that your bucket list is too far fetched. buttttttt every time I cross another thing off I realize that I am another step closer… closer to the one place I really want to go… Well, I got to cross my biggest dream off my list…

People always talk about how traveling can be so life changing… I never understood what they meant. Over the last year, we have been incredibly blessed to travel the world. I’ve seen more of the world than I ever thought possible. A Journey I never thought was in my cards. It was truly an adventure we made happen for ourselves…. but I always knew a place was missing… a feeling not yet felt… a site not yet seen… I was craving a feeling… Then I felt it… I am happy to say I finally have had my life changing experience!

Welcome to Italy… The first place that has ever exceeded my expectations. It was even better than in my dreams…  This country that holds so much culture, viberance and history. Everything from the buildings, the people, the passion, and not to mention the food. The food was undoubtedly my favorite part!  This place will forever hold a special place in my heart.

This country has changed me…. for the better. I have never been so inspired to live in the moment, to be creative, and just enjoy being there with the only person I would want to share this beautiful experience with. There is something about this place something I can’t really explain… it is magical… it is special, it will change you.

I have always imagined going to Europe. When I was a kid that was all I dreamed of. It always felt soon far in the future…When I fantasised about going to Italy… I never imagined it would happen like this… I saw more of Italy than I ever thought possible! My first time To Europe was utterly perfect.

This has been my trip of a life time… I hope you loves enjoyed…