Fitness Challenge… 45 Day Update!

Well loves… we are official 45 days into our challenge. In a way, it feels like it has flown by and other days it feels like it is the longest journey of my life!

I just have to say I am really proud of Sawyer and I. In 45 days we have completely changed our eating habits, fitness routine and our over all health. It truly is starting to become our new lifestyle… I mean, they do say it takes 21 days to create a new habit. We have now doubled that time frame.

Is It THAT Challenging?

It wasn’t a joke when they said this would be hard… It has been the hardest physical challenge of my life. Now, I used to cheer and dance but this is different… this isn’t you showing up for practice and then going home this is a daily challenge… and it just you… no coach, no trainer… no parent to keep you on track. All day you are challenging yourself to stay committed, not only to the fitness but they food as well. I am constantly faced with bad choices… eating out, dessert, Starbucks, ice cream, breaddddd…. soo many things I want to give into. It’s not that I can’t give into it. One treat here and there won’t hurt. It’s just knowing your self and your body…. for me, I know if I start giving in to little things I will slip into my old habits. So right now, while I am forming this habit it means I can’t give into my cravings yet!

The Hard Parts…

There have been a lot of difficult moments. The work outs are not easy… but why would they be? They are meant to kick your but and that is exactly what they do! I will say there is nothing better than when you start to see your self-improve and get stronger. When you realize you doubled what you were able to do a few weeks ago… It’s that moment that you know this is all worth it!

There are a lot of hard parts… being sore, not wanting to go to the gym, wanting to eat ALL THE SWEETS!!! Trust me, I have had my moments… But I just keep reminding my self of what I want more… the sweets now or to achieve my end goal! My end goal always wins! I want that more!!!

The Life Lessons…

I have learned a lot about my self over the last 45 days…. physically, mentally and my over all health. When I say we have changed our life style, I mean it. We even started listening to self-help books and really focusing on our personal goals in life. By getting our fitness and food back on track we were able to take back and control our over all health! I just have to say… It feels so good! I really am enjoying have a schedule and achieve these short term goals! It feels really good. I can’t wait to see what they next two 9 weeks hold!!