Tips for Smart Shopping!

So… this post is again a throwback… you guys are probably wondering why I have these random posts I never posted…

This was shot during the time I was trying to find my voice on my blog and wasn’t happy about my blog’s appearance. So I didn’t post it… It got put away on the self… Well, technically the draft folder of my WordPress. But today I have a reason for it emerging from the drafts to published.

Originally when I started blogging it was for one reason… to share my Frugal Fashion Finds if you will. I loved finding a good deal. That feeling you get when it was something you really wanted and you randomly found it at half the price… That feeling is what drove me to get soo into fashion. It was the hunt for a fashionable piece at an amazing price. We all do it… when someone asks “I love those shoes… where’d you get them?” … me… “I found them at Nordstrom Rack for only X amount! Can you believe it?”. haha well maybe you don’t but I love that feeling!

I have always believed in getting more for your money… this way you can buy that one piece you really wanted because you saved so much on everything else you bought! haha It’s a long slogan I know.. but you get the point! I personally live by this… I call this Smart Shopping 😉

Hear me out… if you save on all the random clothing that you got at Nordstrom Rack and then put the money you would have spent if it was full price in a savings account or a special spending Envelope… Eventually, you will have saved enough money to buy that expensive purse or those amazing boots you have had your eye on! Believe it or not, you can actually get brand and designer on sale!

A few tips for Smart Spending

– Do your homework and find out when sales are going to be

-Check your Nordstrom Rack, TJ Maxx frequently and other discount stores…

you never know what you will find

– Find pieces that look like Designer but at a much cheaper price…

It can take time but trust me it’s worth the time

Most this outfit was bought on sale…. This is a Free People Dress purchased at TJ Maxx for $30! Shoes are Free People as well, found these snakeskin beauties 50% off on a flash sale, $70! And the hat is Brandy Melville, this was not on sale but it was very reasonable and it looked like an expensive brand but MUCH cheaper, $25! See… Smart Shopping!

I hope you loves enjoyed and found these tips useful!!



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