Celebrating Our 3 Year Anniversary!

Well loves… We made it!!!

On August 11, 2014… Sawyer Hartman asked me to be his girlfriend…andddd we just celebrated our THREE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!!

I seriously can’t believe it… Time really does fly when you are having fun! Oh gosh, that sounds soooo cheesy but it’s true! I have been really lucky to have found someone that I want to spend every minute of every day with!


Relationships… can be hard and they can also be very easy. I personally feel that in a healthy relationship you get a little of both… It is called balance. When you are a committed relationship you are commenting all of your self to them… that comes with the good the bad and everything that makes you… well, you!

I have learned a lot about Sawyer over the last three years and I love him even more than I ever thought I would! We have been very fortunate in our relationship, but that is because we respect, understand and cherish each other. He is my partner in crime and I love him! ok enough about the mushy stuff…. let’s continue to the fun date he took me on! ūüôā

Sawyer is the cutest… My day started off at the gym… Sawyer did not come with me to the gym cause he didn’t feel like doing cardio… or so I thought…

He was actually up to nooooo good!!! When I got back from the gym… I walked into the kitchen, which was covered in hot pink roses… and on the counter was a huge flower arrangement with at least 4 dozen different kind of flowers in it!! It was stunning… and I was even more impressed when I found out he arranged the flowers…. I still don’t 100% believe that! haha but I will take his word for it! hehe

I was a very lucky girl… in total, I received 2 dozen hot pink roses and a huge flower arrangement so like 6 dozen flowers… haha that is a lot!!!! I love flowers so this was perfect! I just love when thought goes into something like him arranging the flowers! Those are the type of gifts I love to receive!

Later that day we filmed a Q&A for his channel and a Relationship Advice video for my channel…. so if you missed them be sure to check them out!

After that, it was time to get all dolled up and go to a fancy restaurant!! Sawyer had yet another surprise for me… He made reservations at the Restaurant we had our first date at! Well, our first date was at the Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills but since we live by the water we thought we would try the one up in Malibu… It was amazing! We had a glass of champagne, all of our favorite plates, and Sawyer even had another surprise… He had a chocolate cake delivered at the end of the meal… My day was full of surprises… I was one happy and in love girl!!

Thank you, Sawyer, for such a beautiful Three Year Anniversary!!!

I can’t wait to have much more surprises with you!¬†

Love you boo! 

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