Hello loves…. Today is all about the tips I used to Re-Find my style.

For the last couple months, I have been in the process of a closet makeover!

The reason for this revamp…

When I got home from a year of traveling and notice I was no longer inspired by my closet… I was really starting to feel lost with my sense of style. Well, that was a problem… especially since really enjoy fashion and love blogging about it… So, I have spent the last two months changing that.

My last two videos have also been about fashion and personal makeover…. It is kind turning into a mini-series haha!

So here are my tips for finding out style…

They have helped me and I hope they will inspire you! 🙂

  1. Go through your closet
    • This means a hard go through… When making big changes like creating a defined style and revamping your closet… you have to get rid of anything that no longer inspires or represents who YOU are!
    • TIP… Like I said in my closet go through video don’t do it alone have a friend there to help you clean it out! It truly helps to have someone to keep your fashion vision in mind.
  2. Make Notes of your closet
    • When I cleaning out my closet I realized something… All I had in my closet were basics… white Ts and Grey Ts and boring stuff… I have no statement or bold pieces… It made sense why I felt so bored of my closet. So when you are doing your closet clean out make sure you go through everything and make notes as to what you don’t need any more of, don’t have, and what you want to add.
  3. Refurbish any old clothing
    • Go through your pile of clothes that you are getting rid of and see if there is anything you can DIY or recycle. Some time clothes just need some revamping and cutting and all of sudden they are in style again… you will be surprised how cutting up a shirt can do! 🙂
  4. Do your research
    • When I realized I was no longer inspired by my clothes I didn’t know where to start.. Your style says a lot about you and I wanted to make sure whatever I pick is all me… So I had to find some inspo. I Started on Pinterest and just started saving outfits that I wanted to recreate or ideas of pieces to add to my closet.
  5. Dream Shop… or Online window shop
    • I spent hours shopping online and saving to wish lists of pieces I was inspired by and wanted to possibly add to my collection. This gave me the freedom to shop without limits… to create my dream closet and really see what I wanted to dress like. It was a lot of fun and interesting to see what ended up on my wishlist
  6. Time to Go Shopping
    • The last Tip is to actually go shopping for those pieces that inspire you.
    • You have done all the work… clean out your closet, made notes, and do your research! This part is the best part…. GO to the stores that you were online shopping at and or order a few of the pieces that you saved.
  7. Be smart when shopping
    • I know we all have budgets and can only buy so many pieces at one time…but get creative… Find out when sales are at your favorite store or stores that you have always wanted to shop at….  and shop those sales, Everything goes on sale so be patient… completing your style makeover won’t happen on one shopping trip!
  8. Flaunt your new style!
    • Now that you have new fun clothes… don’t be afraid to wear them! I am the worst of falling back into old style habits… I have my comfortable go-to outfits that I always end up throwing on. My goal is to wear three bold outfits a week and challenge my self to embrace my new clothes I have purchased!

I hope these tips were beneficial! I was really happy that I made these changes in my life. It is really crazy how changing something so simple like the clothes you choose to wear can make you feel! I love the feeling I get when I wear something bolder, fashion-forward and more… well me! It’s empowering and I can safely say I am more inspired by my closet and so happy it is starting to represent me…

I love you guys and will see you love soon…. Bye!


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