OOTD: Studded Mules & Some Levi’s Shorts

Well loves… I have another Outfit of the Day for you…

We have just arrived in Dublin, Ireland, which I am very excited about. Don’t worry, haha I am filming and taking tons of pictures. So you better believe some cool content is coming. But yaaaa…. speaking of “cool”…. umm it’s freezing here in Ireland! Like I should have packed my pufffy Northface jacket kind of cold! haha

So I am going to trick my mind by pretending I am back in LA and write about this heat inspired fall-ish outfit. LA’s fall is like 70 degrees haha soooo no need for sweaters yet… This is what I got for you!

In my mind, this is the perfect summer to fall outfit. You got the dark colors, an oversized shirt, and wide brim hat. The right combo to add either a leather jacket or sweater too if need be!

As I mentioned… LA is very warm in these usual chilly months. I wouldn’t say it is fall weather till about November… LA just like to pretend to have to follow the seasons… We more dress or play the part! You know… with the essentials! The sweaters, spiced candles, boots, and pumpkin spiced lattes. I’m not mad about it!

Let’s talk about these studded Matises mules…

I mean how amazing are these!! When I saw this mule, the Charlize, on the Matisse website… I just knew they were going to be a staple in my fall wardrobe!

Matisse is one of my favorite shoe brands… their boots and mules are just sooo well crafted, look amazing, and are super comfortable. If you are ever looking for a good pair of boots… you won’t be disappointed!

The Charlize are my first pair of mules from Matisse so I am excited to see how I like them compared to the boots… I guess you guys will find out depending on what I order next from them! haha


Now, a wide brim hat…

Finding a hat is not an easy task… At least for me! I am not a huge hat person mainly because hats don’t always look great on me. So, a well fitting hat takes time to find. I actually found this particular hat at Brandy Melvilles about two years ago… I tried it on and was like, “Yep, I need this”. It was the first wide brim hat that really matched my style and fit my head! haha To this day it has been my only wide brim hat! I like it!

Sooo below I have found quite a few hats for you loves… hopefully, if you are looking for ones these will help!

Find Your Perfect Wide Brim Hat


And last but not least… the oversized tee and the Levi’s!

I love band tees. They are just so easy to throw on with some jeans and add some booties and you have a really cute outfit! What I liked about this Tee… the fit and the graphics! I liked that Daydreamer put the name on the front and some lyrics on the back… makes it a little more unique and girly in my opinion!

Levi’s… I realized you can have never have too many! I just added these 501 black cut off shorts to my collection! I found them at Levi’s outlet center for $35… such a great find! Still, don’t know why they were there, considering they are still in style and everywhere else was selling them full price but I was not going to complain about it! hehe

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