Final P90X Thoughts & Results!

We made it to the end of P90X!!!! I can’t believe we did it! Not going to lie this was a huge commitment! I wanted to share my final thoughts about the whole program. The good, the bad… all of it! I also made a video talk about a lot of the same things… If you already watched it then you know what I am going to say

The Reason Why I did P90X…

I have never done a challenge like this… I wanted to kick my butt back into shape after traveling and eating our way around the world! I just needed to really commit to something and this was the perfect way to kick-start my healthy lifestyle!

The Food Plan

Overall thoughts… staying strong on the food plan was probably the hardest thing out of this whole challenge. There were days I wanted cookies and pasta buttttt again… this was my first real fitness challenge sooooo I stayed strong and tried my best to resist!

One interesting part was how they changed the food plan every month. What surprised me is not that changed what you ate… that makes sense. What didn’t makes sense is by the third month how many carbs that had you eating… for guys, totally understandable. For girls… I felt like it was too many carbs to keep a lean body and not get too bulky. So, I personally changed it to fit my body and only ate carbs in the morning!

This food plan also taught me how to cook, which was awesome! I really enjoyed the challenge of cooking this much and having to plan out every day around when we ate! Took a lot of effort but was really fun!

We all know how I feel about the grocery shopping… and if you don’t… Let me put it this way… a lot of hours spent looking for random ingredients!!!! hahaha

Thoughts on The Workouts!

Video Trainer – I personally liked having the videos to follow along. It reminded me of having a trainer. Sure, there were times I felt like slacking off cause there was no one to hold me accountable but then I would just try to remember my end goal… somedays were harder than other, haha but I didn’t mind the videos, I found them very helpful for form, timing, and motivation.

Workouts – veryyyyyy challenging but so worth it! My only thought is that it was a lot of big movements which meant bigger muscles. They didn’t have very many “toning” workouts. I personally like to have a mixture so that way you get a well rounded and toned body!

Challenges of the Fitness Plan

Your weight will fluctuate! – I kinda learned this the hard way… At first, it was really weird when I didn’t see numbers go down… Well, I had forgotten that when you work out this much your body gains muscles and muscles weighs more than fat!  So, weight changes… if this is a lifestyle don’t go off of numbers you will stress your self out… numbers aren’t anything!

It took three months to get my body to this place… This truly made me realize the amount of work and dedication it takes to get my body where I want… I am very happy with where my body is but I want to continue making goals and push my body to new limits. Also, made me realize the people I look up to for fitness inspo… that their body didn’t look like that over night… That it takes a lot of time to make the changes you want to see… I have a new respect for fitness peeps!

Finally, My Results…

My results… Sooooo my results weren’t what I thought they would be…. I only say that because I pictured I would loose some weight and that my whole body would change…. Well, to be honest, I don’t know if it did!!!!! haha After a month of this challenge I realized I had to change my goals… this challenge for me wasn’t going to be about losing weight… but changing fat into muscle and changing my diet to eat smarter, not less.

To be honest… I struggled with the weight aspect! My weight didn’t change since the first day I got on the scale… My solution, I had stopped getting on the scale and started just seeing how my body looked! If I liked the way it looked, then we are good and if not then I would have to work harder haha…  basically, weight is weird… I quickly learned when working out this hard you might not see numbers go down because muscles weighs more than fat. The weight can play mind games with you so, I highly recommend this type of body positivity… it really helped me!

Overall my body composure has completely changed, I can tell my butt and legs are starting to transform, and I can see wayyyy more muscle definition! I am happy with my results… I have put in the work which just makes me feel good and more confident knowing I am working towards my goals!

Before aaaannnddddd After!!!!





In The End…

I am happy I this challenge and that Sawyer and I did it together! Made it a lot more fun, easier and more satisfying! I loved having someone to support me and help keep me motivated! I am also excited about the knowledge I learned from this challenge! It has now inspired me to continue working out and learning more about health, fitness, and nutrition. I want to learn as much as I can. I would love to continue sharing with you guys.

Soooo ya Id love to talk to you guys more about this… if you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to comment and share your thoughts!

I am really happy I shared my first fitness journey with you guys I hope you enjoyed and as always I love ya and will talk to you soon!


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  1. October 17, 2017 / 10:10 am

    Good for you girl!! Great work!! I am currently still trying to loose weight from pregnancy but constantly fighting the scale because I am not used to having muscle.

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