Gooseberry Seaside Swimwear & Soulcation

Well loves… I am off to somewhere tropical…. again! Really excited for my next trip for soooo many reasons. But before I get into where I am going…

Let’s talk about this Gooseberry Seaside one piece!

I am in love with this ‘So Chic’ one-piece swimsuit. Normally, I not a huge once piece lover but this one… this suit is amazing! I have never owned a more flattering one piece! The color, Santorini, is stunning… In person, it is more of a light navy blue but in photos it appears to be more of a silvery, shark blue!

Not going to lie… It is nice having a one piece in my swim collection! Every once in a while you just don’t feeellll like wearing a two piece! Wanna know the best part about this piece??? It literally sucks you in! There is a tighter inner layer around the midsection that literally hold you in… think of a waist trainer but not that intense! When I put it on… I was like YESSSSS so nice to have some added support in a swimsuit! I will say, for a one piece it is very revealing… it shows a good amount of cleavage, is checking and reveals the hip bones! Needless to say, it is very flattering on!

Overall… I am huge fan of this suit and would highly recommend it! I will probably be needing a black one soon! 🙂 Below is a little photo diary of this suit while we were in Oahu, Hawaii… please enjoy… Also, keep scrolling if you would like to know where I am off too next! 🙂


Soooo in less than two weeks, I will be headed tooooo…….. TULUM!!!! I am off to a new place, I have never been to Tulum. I will be attending my first retreat with Soulcation. There will be yoga two times a day, meditation, life coaching, healthy food and not to mention amazing girls! This will be an all girls retreat and there are some serious girl bosses attending. Plus, This will be my first girls trip soooo I there are a lot of first on this trip sooo I am super excited. The perfect way to end an amazing year of traveling! I seriously can not wait to zen out and experience a once in a lifetime trip! Seriously can’t wait to share this experience with you!



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