Forever 21 Outfit Challenge

Hello loves… Happy Tuesday!

Yesterday I posted my first outfit challenge on my youtube channel! I have been wanting to do one for a while now. Sooo I was hanging with my friend Payton one day and was like… would you wan to film together! Obviously we did! haha

Some of you may have seen Payton on my Instagram stories… incase you didnt know… She is an awesome blogger! She wrties about lifestyle, fashion, beauty and random fun things every girl needs to know! She even wrote a really cute blog about our outfit challenge on her blog, Hustle + Halcyon. Go show her some love and comment that you found her! 🙂 You won’t be disappointed that you found her! 😉

We had a lot of fun shopping together and filming this video. I loved that we have completely different styles, both cute, relatable and easy to achieve! In this video we did just that. We showed you exactly how we create our outfits and share the thought process that goes into it!

~My Look~

I really went for the perfect winter outfit… atleast the perfect outfit for Los Angeles. I chose this pink chenille sweater, with a faux leather skit and my go to Matisse black booties!


Get This Look:


~Paytons Look~

Payton look is very her!! She loves being bold, wearing red, and very edgy with her style! She has such a fun and defined style. It was actually really cool to watch her shop and see how she picks out her oufits! In this little number she went for the mesh body suit, with a velvet bralete and finsihed it off with a “very suddle” stripped skirt!!


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