My Eyelash Extension Experience & Tips!

Hello loves,

I finally got eyelash extentions on again! Wooohooo! About two years ago I got my first set of eyelash extentions and fell in love. I was able to keep them up for a solid year and a half, which, is amazing concidering the traveling we were doing. Honestly… that was the reason I got them! I loved the fact I always looked ready and they looked amazing in photos!

When we got back from three months stright of traveling and were no longer filming daily videos for Sawyer’s channel… I decided to take a break and let my lashes breathe. As nice as it was no have no lashes… it was not fun at all haha! I found my self taking twice as long to do my make up, had to put on false lashes, and my eyes always felt naked. On the plus side… my lashes got a break! Ok enough back story… Let me tell about my new lash lady and share some tips haha

About a month ago I got in contact with Christina,  a very sweet lash tech in West Hollywood. I was actually looking for a place to get my lashes done for Tulum and I found her right in time! Wooohooo! I have gotten my lashes done by many different technicians and at many different places… Christina is by far one of my favorites!! She did such a beautiful job. She listened to what I wanted and gave me exactly what I asked for. One of my favorite things about her work is the detail in her lashes. This girl really takes her time to make sure your lashes are literally perfect! 🙂

I couldn’t believe the first set of lashes lastest THREE FULL weeks and still looked amazing. Which is incrediable considering I was in Tulum… sweating, doing yoga two times a day and swimming! I was very impressed. Since then, I got them filled for the third time and everytime they are stunning. I have had sooo many people compliment my lashes. Friends that also get their lashes done say how amazing they look and ask who did them. I was very pleased and can’t wait to see her in the new year!! 🙂 If you guys live in West Hollywood area and are looking for a lash tech… contact Christina! (I will provide all of her info below! )




So, If you have every been on the fence about lashes and need convencing…

Here are some of my favorite things about lash extentions and some of my personal tips that I found over the years!

Reasons I love Lash Extenions…

  • I feel way more confident with lashes extnetions on
  • I don’t wear nearly as much make up… Literally bb cream, concealer, and bronzer for daily makeup!
  • Look great in pictures and for filming videos
  • Make getting ready sooooo much faster
  • Wake up litterally half way ready… you could say “I woke up like this” haha

TIPS, Tips & More Tippies

  • Learn proper after care and figure out what works for you
  • Wait at least 24 if not 48 hours after application to get your lashes wet or using steam
  • Always keep your lash spoolie clean… I get disposiable ones from Amazon and switch them out frequently!
  • Keep a spoolie with you at all times; I have one in my wallet, my car, and in make up bag
  • Blow dry your lashes on cool, on low & from the underneth… everytime you wash your face you want to make sure they out of the shower
  • Try to sleep on your back so you dont crush your lashes while you sleep!

Things to Avoid!

  • Don’t use any oil based products around your eyes.
  • Avoid wear Mascara! It will make them fall out faster and breakdown the glue!
  • Do not Touch or rub your eyes… The oils from your fingers will transfer to the lashes.
  • No cotton rounds/balls or Q-tips by your eyes… the cotton will get tangled in your lashes and will be hard to get out!

Last thought… haha

Lashes are trail and error.  Please remeber each person is unique and has a different experience with lashes! What works amazingly for me may not work for another… but I love that I can share and hopefully help someone! 🙂

I would love to hear what your expereince has been and any advice you loves might have! I love learning and hearing what other people have experienced! 🙂


If you are looking for a lash lady in West Hollywood… here is all of Christina’s information 🙂

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  1. Jamie Terreault
    December 19, 2017 / 11:32 am

    I used to get eyelash extensions and I LOVED them for a time, up until I noticed the side of one eye started looking a little funky as I sleep on my side. I can't sleep on my back for the life of me and looked into seeing if maybe an eye mask to cover my eyes while I slept would help but figured it would still put pressure on them or be even worse having them completely confined and all. So unfortunately I decided to have them taken off and while I was glad to let my lashes breathe and not be paying so much money for something I was unintentionally sabotaging while I slept, I feel sad without my beautiful lashes! On top of that, my lashes now seem to be bent in odd directions and not growing back in properly. Literally, some lashes grew in sideways or at an angle! So instead of curling out and straight up they go to the side, and they are very stubborn sometimes when curling them with an eyelash curler because of this and I fear is only worsening the problem. I'm not sure if this was caused by the lash tech I was going to (I went to the same lash tech every time for the entire year that I had extensions) and I have now had them off for a year, but I'm afraid no matter what lash tech I go to they will not look right since my natural lashes are so messed up now! Do you think I will have issues with this problem if I tried a different lash technician? Does anyone have any advice or has anyone experienced this also?

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