My 2018 New Year’s Resolutions & Goals

Well loves it’s 2018 we are officially into this new year… and I have to say… I gotta great feeling about this year!! Since it’s a new year mean new resolutions and goals!! In this video, I am going to share my Resolution, goals and how I created my list… I feel it is important to share and maybe these are things you didn’t think of or maybe want to try as well!

Does everyone feel like 2017 was a little bit of a weird year? For me… it was a year of change, growing mentally, realization and preparation. 2018 feels more like… focus, determination, appreciation, clarity, and independence….

It felt like 2017 was the building blocks or foundation for 2018 and I know that sounds silly but that is exactly what I did last year… I started to find my self and what I feel is my purpose… and now I get to focus on that more and see where it takes me…

I am very excited about my resolutions. This year took a different approach to this year’s resolutions and goals. I feel like my mindset has shifted over the last few months and It all makes more sense in my head as to what I want my intentions for this year to be.

When making my resolutions and goals for this year I realized… they are two separate things… in the past, I always thought they were the same things… To me, Resolutions are things I am continually working on to better my self… and Goals are obtainable and concrete things I can achieve. Both go hand in hand and when you write them out they make more sense.

So this year I wrote my resolutions and then under it, I listed the things I would do to work towards them. For my goals, I broke them into categories and clearly wrote out my goals for each section of my life. Then took it a step further and set a 30, 60, 90-day plan to achieve the goals. I find it helps if you put dates by the goals so you set when you want to achieve them by otherwise you don’t know and the universe doesn’t know when you want to achieve that by… now take action and do it!!!

So without further adoooo My 2018 Resolutions & Goals!

I broke my resolutions down to 5 overall things I want for my self this year…

  1. Continue on my Spiritual Journey
    • By surrounding my self my amazing people…hanging with like-minded people that I really connect with
    • Reading book that stretches my mind
    • Continue seeing energy workers
    • Writing in my Journal- Love the Five Minute Journal and my An Inspired Life Journal
    • Learn more about my self… noticing what I like and dislike, how I’m feeling, etc…
    • Mediate and doing more guided meditation
  2. Work on my personal Happiness
    • By doing things I like and want to do…yoga, working out, eating healthy, cooking, makeup, learning about food and health.
    • In EVERY situation think of what I can contribute to the situation…
  3. Build my Career and define my brand
    • Focusing on the three categories I am most passionate about- Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle
    • Only post things that contribute who I am
    • Really focus on my self this year and what I want!
  4. Learn more about Cameras, editing, and my blog…
    • I want to fully be able to run and understand my business.
    • grow as an editor
    • understand lightroom more
  5. Live a Healthy and Balanced life
    • balance in work and pleasure, food, working out
    • Make it a lifestyle!

Now for my goals….


  • Make one Lookbook a season
  • Collab with awesome people once a month
  • Commit to an uploading schedule!


  • Plan fun photoshoots
  • Post once a day… It is hard to have enough content but it is a challenge I am willing to accept


  • I really want to fix and update my blog… I have had this new layout for a year now and I love it but there is some little change I want to make and features I would like to add!
  • Post 2 times a week on my blog


  • Find more happiness
  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Visit home once a season
  • Continue to Travel to new places with new appreciations; visit Paris, Portugal, Tulum, and the Bahamas!
  • Girls trips every quarter
  • Make working out a lifestyle
  • Continue growing with sawyer

From here I made a 30 60 90-plan of steps to achieve these goals… I am not going to share that part because we would be here forever!! haha but basically just break down each goal, set a date for when I want to achieve it by and how I plan to achieve them!

The hardest part about all this is actually this part… writing out what you want! soooo DO IT! You will feel so much more prepared, organized and very grateful you did this for your self!

Well loves… those are my goals and resolutions for this year!! I think sharing them with someone and putting out there is the most powerful thing to do… I would love to hear what some of your goals and resolutions are … comment them down below and we can talk about our 2018 intentions together!! I am very excited for this year and very grateful for every single one of you! Alright, well that is it! I love you guys and will talk to you soon! 🙂

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