My Drybar Experience

Why I Drybar…

What is it about getting your hair done?

Is it the relaxation… the confidence boost… or the amazing hair?

How about all of those!! There truly is something about getting your hair done that is so empowering! Don’t get me wrong… dying and cutting my hair is great but my favorite part is getting my hair styled… So earlier this week I went to Drybar! I haven’t gotten my hair blown out at Drybar in years! There happens to be a location less than five minutes away from me sooo I finally took advantage of the experience!


The ambiance is so fun… it’s all white with black and yellow accents! Super chic and exactly the vibe I want to be around… speaking of vibes… I have the sweetest hair stylist, her name was Jillian and she was a doll. She helped me pick a hairstyle… and asked me to tell her exactly how I wanted it! They even offered me a mimosa… AMAZING!

One Dirty Marini Please… The hairstyle that is… So we went with a blowout and then added in loose curls. I haven’t curls my hair in quite some time so I was pretty excited! Below is a picture of the exact products she used in my hair, I will also link them at the bottom of this post! 

The Final Results!

I have to say… I loved the way my hair turned out! At times my hair can be very difficult… it has an interesting texture and people sometimes struggle to style it… but not this time! She absolutely nailed it! I am very impressed with the results! ps… the curls have lasted so long that I haven’t washed my hair in like 5 days! haha

On another note… the confidence I feel after just getting my hair done is crazy… There is just something about pampering your self. When you take time out of your day to make your self look and feel amazing it is sooo contagious… people feel that energy and most importantly you feel it!  If you’ve never tried Drybar I highly recommend it!


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