Quick Stop Into Glossier…

While I was in New York I stopped into Glossier… I have never tried any of there products but since I was literally walking distance from their showroom I figured it was about time! First off… The showroom was stunning. Everything was perfectly displayed… so clean and aesthetically pleasing! The color scheme was right up my alley… pink and white! All the Glossier employees were dressed in these cute pink jumpsuit. They were sooo helpful and full of information. Then they hand you a cute little paper that you fill out with your order… once you pay they hand you this cute pink bubble bag with all your goodies!

Now for the fun part… Shopping! 🙂

Honestly, I didn’t need any more makeup products at the moment but I wanted to try something. Knowing I was going to Hawaii in less than two weeks, so I picked up the Invisible Shield Daily Sunscreen! I feel in love with this It is SPF 35 protection for a few reasons… the fact it goes on clear, It doesn’t smell like sunscreen but like oranges and my favorite part… It is only $25!! I was very happy about adding this to my routine! The last thing I picked up while I was there was the Balm Dotcom set of three. I love rose salves so I got two and tried one of the coconut flavored salves! Very excited about this purchase!

Shop What I Got…


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