A Very Personal Lesson about Self-love…

The other day I did something stupid… I jumped on a scale! Well, that wasn’t the stupid part…. The stupid part is the way I let it affect me. I knew better… is the worst part. I have been learning a lot about fitness, working out and food so I was more annoyed at my self for letting something so little, like a number, affect me like that!

Let me explain my thought process & what I have learned from this experience! 

Durning P90X I learned a very big lesson… that muscle weighs more than fat! My body was changing and gaining muscle but the numbers on the scale were going up. It was confusing to the mind, you think “I am working out 7 days a week but the scale isn’t changing”. This is when I made the conscious decision not to get on the scale and just go off of how my body looks and how I feel. It helped me tremendously! It made me LOVE and APPRECIATE my body and not judge a stupid number! Just eliminated the problem completely!

Fast forward to a month ago…

At the beginning of February, I committed to a 30 Barry’s Bootcamp fitness challenge with my friend Griffin. Before we began we did a full analyst body fat test and weigh in. It was really insightful. Since I hadn’t jumped on a scale in over four months it was kinda weird and I didn’t know what number to expect! I weighed in at 116 and body fat of 17%. I was very happy! Especially since Over the last few months I have been putting in a lot of commitment into my workouts and I was about to start this challenge so I was really excited to see after I put in a month of hard work what my number would be! Unfortunately… due to work and travel, I wouldn’t be able to commit 100% to the fitness challenge and had to back out.

Now you are all caught up… 

I have been really comfortable in my skin lately… Working out really regularly and eating a really balanced diet! Really proud of my self… I decided to jump on a scale… It was the most I have ever weighed in at… It caught me off guard! So off guard that I let it affect my whole day and how I treated Sawyer. I was just quite, confused and kept to my self.

What I Learned…

The biggest lesson that came from this is that I can’t let something so insignificant affect my happiness. I let a number on a scale ruin a whole day in Hawaii with my boyfriend’s family. After I was quite for sooo long Sawyer finally was like what the hell is up… I finally broke down and told him… I was honestly embarrassed that I let it affect me so much. But then he brought something to my attention… How I was handling the situation was not the healthiest. First, he recommended that I talk to him and not bottle it up and get to the point where I let it ruin a whole day. And Secondly, not getting on a scale at all isn’t the best way to handle it. What I needed to do is find the acceptance of the number on the scale and how I like to look. They have to work together to find a healthy balance. When he brought this to my attention it made complete sense… avoidance isn’t the healthy answer… Sure, it helped me mentally until that one time I decide to get on the scale, then the cycle would start all over…

So the moral of the story is… realize where you are at in your health journey, find acceptance and self-love and then, make a proactive plan to either stay there or to get to where you want to your goal!

This is a bit more of a personal entry but after three days of thinking about it, I felt it was important. We all struggle or have hard days sooo I wanted to share one of mine. In the moment it seemed so significant and discouraging but now thinking back… I can’t believe I let it have that much power over me. I am happy I shared this and hope it helped or brought to light to the experience! You are not alone… and it’s ok to have a bad… as long as your learn from it!

~The photo above was drawn by Nicole (@nicoleelizabeth15) She took a photo from Tulum and made this beautiful piece of art… I thought this was the perfect post to include it in…

Thank you, Nicole, for completing my thought!


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  1. Hey Katy Pace
    March 24, 2018 / 3:30 pm

    Thanks so much for posting this! It's so important to remember that self acceptance can't be achieved by a number on the scale. I've been trying to reset this month and focus on positive affirmations, clean eating and regularly working out. And not just to "look better" but to feel healthier and to have more energy to do the things that I enjoy. Hope you are still loving Hawaii!

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