My First Soulcation Retreat Experience

 Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?

I Do!

I believe that this Tulum trip was presented to me at a specific time in my life for a certain reason. A reason that I didn’t even know or realize at the time. This trip revealed so many amazing things about myself that I needed to learn! I had never been on a Yoga retreat before… infact, I had never traveled by my self or for my self. So this trip symbolized many things for me! Tulum was such a powerful experience… one that I feel defines the growth of my true being!

One day I randomly got a message from my friend Alyssa… I had only hung out with her once on a coffee date with a mutual friend a few months earlier…  she mentioned this Tulum trip. It really peaked my interest as I have never gone on a retreat before and it was on my bucket list to do so! We kept going back and forth if we were going to go or not… then we both just said “ready… set… buy the airplane ticket!” It was the best feeling! I had never bought a plane ticket for a trip just for me!

On this retreat, we learned about meditation, how to manifest and we did tons of yoga… which I found out I really liked! And the best part… I met some amazing women! These women have changed my life. I see most them every week if not we talk almost every day! I have never had friends who were so likeminded and understand you on such a deep level. So thank you for helping be the best version of myself every day….


It’s funny because I went into this trip with a certain intention… trying to control the outcome.. and I left this trip a whole different experience than I expected… I had grown as a person… something I didn’t expect… at least not like this! It’s as if I went into it with wondering what I could get out of it… I came out with a mindset of how and what I could contribute to my friends, family, my self, and to you loves reading this! I really gained a new outlook on life and perspective I understand!

Finding your self… means a lot of things… the truth is you know who you are, you just gotta find a way for your mind to accept it. I have found it helps to have like-minded friends who reflect the type of person you want to be and who are constantly holding you accountable. Also, writing down affirmations, doing something that you like and having amazing support around you truly helps you stay on your path!

Since the retreat, I have continued to implement what I learned into my daily life. It’s not always easy as life can kinda sneak in and through you into your old routine and habits. But Surrounding myself with people who share common goals and ambitions really helps to keep me on track!


Tulum really did change my life for the better and will always be such a magical place for me! Truly holds a special place in my heart! So excited to be going back in less than a month!

Discovering who you are is a journey…it’s really a lot of fun!

If you loves are interested in this retreat but won’t be able to attend… I have talked to Laina, the mastermind behind Soulcation and she has created a Manifesting mini course. Which is the same course we did on the retreat that you can do from anywhere! 🙂 She even created a coupon code for you loves to get a discount, just use “soulcationac” to start your journey with us! 🙂



  1. La
    May 17, 2018 / 11:54 am

    Yoga and manifesting shouldn't be about costing huge amounts of money. It's something people, rich or poor, should be able to do. The old thrifty you who wrote this blog would never spend almost $400 on a mini course and recommend others do the same. Who is making all this money?

    • Angelique Cooper
      May 17, 2018 / 2:34 pm

      Hi! 🙂 its totally not about the money at all! People like learning in different ways and some like having having tools to achieve it. All I was doing was sharing what I learned and actually sharing the tools that we learned in Tulum. My friend Laina is a life coach and actually does one on one sessions so in addition she created this course for the people who want it.

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