Another Soulcation Retreat in Tulum

Welcome to Tulum


Well, I am back in Tulum and I couldn’t be happier! Remeber back in November I attended my first yoga retreat… My girls, Laina and Miki, put on another retreat and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Literally, my mom got married on the 7th of June and I was on a plane at 5am on the 8th! I was so excited to experience this again and meet another amazing group of girls!

I arrived two days late to the retreat as I was coming from the wedding and the girls were sooooo welcoming! I instantly connected with the group as if I didn’t miss a beat! Per usual we started each day off with yoga, meditation and finished the morning session off with a soul chat! During each soul chat, we talk about the process of manifesting! It is quite magical to hear everyone’s experience and to learn about the power of manifesting! After our morning sessions, we had free time… this retreat was a few days longer than last, which meant more time to connect with the girls and explore the town! If you ever get a chance go on a retreat and if you get to choose which one… Soulcation is amazing!

Photo Inspiration

Tulum is a very photogenic place. Everything is white, grey, black and green! If that is your vibe than you will be in heaven… like I was! There is just something about this town that makes you want to take photos and get creative! We always have so much fun creating here!



Exploring Tulum

First, we explored a secret cenote! Then it was off to Pablo Escobar’s Mansion that is now turned into the most interesting and stunning boutique hotels!


We made our way away from the beach and ended up at Casa Pueblo… a very aesthetically pleasing hotel! Highly recommended!


The food in Tulum is unreal! Almost everything is healthy, organic and fresh! I don’t think I had one unhealthy meal while I was there! If you are in Tulum you must go to Rosa Negra, The Real Coconut, Raw Love, and Casa Banana! We ate at all these places over and over again! Sooo Yummy!


Wellness in Tulum is abundant! The whole town is conscious towards health, wellness, food and honestly life! Every hotel offers yoga, has organic products, cuts down on waste! Unlike other places I have been… Tulum is a perfect place to recenter and balance!

And Lastly, My Friends!

I am spoiled being surrounded by beautiful souls… Some of them were even able to come on this trip!  


Well, another Tulum trip for the books… or the blog I mean! haha I hope you enjoyed seeing photos from the trip! 🙂




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