Exploring Portugal for Two Weeks

Welcome To Portugal

When I found out that we were going to Portugal for our family trip I was soooo happy! Visiting anywhere in Europe is amazing and couldn’t wait to cross another place off the bucket list. Not to mention this was the first time I would be traveling out of the country with my dad!

On family trips… we only have one goal, and that is to find amazing restaurants! My dad is a huge foodie so it is very important! I am going to quickly list some of the best places we ate at… Trust me, if you are in these areas they are a MUST!

My Favorite Restaurants in Portugal

~D’gusta in Tavira

~Audrey at Santiago de Alfama – Boutique Hotel in Lisbon

~Incomum in Sintra

~Terra restaurant in Sagres


Ok, I am going to keep the words to a minimum and let the photos speak for themselves… Prepare yourself for a lot of pictures… Portugal is very photogenic!


Our Journey started off in Lagos which is in the Algarve. It is a small beach town with stunning cliffside views and amazing food! This is actually where my dad’s wife is originally from and where her family still lives. It was really fun to see where she grew up and go down memory lane with her!


We highly recommend spending tons of time at the beach…

 All of Lagos’ building are white with red roofs, and being it all build on a cliff and hills makes it always easy to see the water… So beautiful!


The Streets of Lagos




Celebrated My Dad’s Birthday!

I was very excited to have been able to celebrate my dad’s birthday with him. It is so hard when you don’t live in the same state to be able to make it to every event or holiday… I was really happy to be with him, in Portugal, and be surrounded by loved ones! It was a good day!




Boating Along the Coast of the Algarve

This is a must do! You don’t want to miss this opportunity! The Coast is truly magical, the water is sooo blue and the caves are incredible! It was sooo much fun!





If you make to Sintra, The Palace is a sight to see for sure! This little town has so much to do and see! You must put it on the itinerary!


Anndddd Finally, Lisbon

There is something about Lisbon! Soooo much life, color, and culture! We only spent four days here but I could have done seven! We saw a lot but there was still soooo much to see!




Peace out Portugal!


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  1. Jackie
    July 31, 2018 / 5:21 pm

    Love these photos! Looks like you had a great time! I'm actually going to Portugal with two of my best friends in less than a month and I'm super excited! We're staying in Lisbon for a week, but we want to visit Sintra and Cascais as well for small day trips. What was your favorite thing to do in Lisbon?

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