My Experience With Hairdreams Extensions


Hello love,

I wanted to take a second and share with you the latest hair update. I just got my hair done at Bomane Hair Salon here in Beverly Hills and I am obsessed with how it turned out. It had been almost three months since the last time I got it done. Before I went to Italy I decided to try something new and try extensions. I loved my Hairdreams Extensions so much that we put them in for the second time.

My Bomane experience consisted of extension removal, color by Ashleigh, cut and extension application by Drea. It was such a cool experience to see how the Hairdreams extensions were removed. Not to mention realizing and feeling how much my hair had grown. And I actually just learned something really cool about Hairdreams that I didn’t know before I filmed my Q&A… They actually don’t say “glue” it’s Hairdreams crystal polymer that actually bonds and wraps around one’s own hair, so it doesn’t really “glue” to the hair. Between this and the Laserbeamer Nano… I think they just have the coolest technology. If you are wondering what the heck I am talking about… scroll down to my “How to get longer hair”  video to see how the extensions are applied.

Anyways, below are all the videos I have created about my experience with extensions as well as my before and afters! Enjoy…


Welcome To Bomane Salon…

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My first Hairdreams Experience

I filmed the whole process and even asked Drea and Ashleigh questions too. So to me, this was a very informative video for someone thinking or wanting to try extensions.

Before Extention Removal and brushing…

Obviously! hahaha

After Extention Removal and Color!

The Hairdreams Extensions we used in my hair! 

Before Drea blended and worked her magic!

After blending… So gorgeous!

The Final Product

And now I answer all the questions you loves has sent in the video below!

I hope this answers all your questions… If not please comment below any other questions you have! 🙂



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