A Day at Disneyland with Urban Decay!

Hello Love,

Last week I had such an amazing day with Urban Decay. We spent the day at the happiest place on earth, with an amazing group of people, and had VIP treatment. I had never experienced Disneyland like this. Such a cool experience.

So we started the day off at Urban Decay Headquarters. We got a tour around the office, saw where and how the do EVERYTHING. It was really cool seeing the behind the scenes of such a big operation. Annnddddd the best part… they are allowed to bring their dogs to works so there are like 30 dogs in the office… I was in heaven!

Then it was off to Disneyland. We were treated to breakfast at the Storytellers Cafe and got to eat with all the Disney Characters! 🙂 Then we headed into he part where we found out we were being escorted around by a VIP Tour guide. This was such a special thing that Urban did for us… I go to Disneyland a lot since Sawyer and I have passes but we had never had this experience before… so thank you Urban Decay for such a special day! 🙂




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