Christmas Shopping Made Easy ft. Amazon Handmade



Well loves, Christmas is here! How freaking crazy??? And with Christmas… means a ton of shopping! Now, this year I am taking a different approach to gifts. This has been a really busy and not mention, expensive year with moving to Hawaii… So, I want this year’s gifts to be more meaningful and personal.

When Amazon Handmade reached out to collaborate on a holiday gift guide, I instantly got really excited to order fun, custom and unique gifts for everyone for Christmas. So, we decided to team up to share with you loved some gift ideas for this holiday season. Prepare yourself… because they are pretty cute! 🙂



Before we jump into the gifts, I want to share with you my experience. At first I was a little over whelmed… not by the site itself but by the thought of trying to think of handmade gifts for everyone! So I sat down with my computer, a cup of coffee and start exploring the different categories.  I was really impressed with what I could find! Literally everything from handmade beauty products to custom cheese boards! I started typing in ideas and the options were endless. I am not going to lie… I did order a few things for my self and around the house… but do not worry… everyone’s stocking stuffers are done! Woohooo.

For those of you who don’t know what Amazon Handmade is… I am going to quickly give you a little run down! 🙂 So, Amazon launched Handmade about five years ago giving Artisans a place to sell their handmade and custom goods to people with all the added benefits of Amazon! Most of them include Prime shipping and the familiarity and convenience of purchasing through Amazon. Not going to lie, it was pretty cool seeing what handmade items were out there and most of them were customizable! Perfect for the gifting season, or birthdays, or weddings, orrrr well, you get it! 😉


For the Beauty Lover:



For The Home Lover:



And there you have it… These are my Amazon Handmade pick for this holiday season! I am soooo happy with my finds and can’t wait for everyone to open their gifts on Christmas morning! If you loves order anything good be sure to message them to me on instagram! 🙂




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