Our First Time Hosting Thanksgiving!

Now, I am well aware that Thanksgiving was almost two weeks ago but it was a really special day. This was the first Thanksgiving that Sawyer and I hosted in our new home. I had never cooked such a big meal before and Thanksgiving dinner to sat the least. The pressure was on! Thank goodness I had the help of my momma, who just moved to Hawaii soooo at least I didn’t have to do it alone!

This turkey day consisted of ┬álots of friends and family. I couldn’t believe we had 12 people going to our home to celebrate. We didn’t have enough seats so the folding table with a table cloth came in handy! haha Also… forgot the little detail of table center pieces, napkins and decor… So I had to get creative used baby’s breath flowers and random decor to make the day special!

Anyways, the food was spectacular, the mood was amazing and the day was spent with my favorite people! I wanted to write this entry to document this special day. Below are some cute photos for Thanksgiving 2019!



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