Huge Costco Haul | Preparing for the COVID-19 in Hawaii


I absolutely love Costco so I am excited to be sharing this haul with you! There is something so satisfying when you buy in bulk! haha Now, with everything going on I started to prepare… not panic but prepare! So I hope this video gives you some inspo the next time you go to Costco! Enjoy!


My Costco Shopping List:

– Clorox Wipes

– Toilet paper

– Water – Wipes

– Paper towels

– Laundry detergent

Fruits & Veggies:

– Pineapple

– Asparagus

– Quinoa

– Onions

– Zucchini


– Ham

– Turkey

– Steaks

– Bag of Frozen chicken


– Edamame

– Frozen Veggies

– Frozen fruit

– Pizza Bagels

– Normal pizza

– Cauli Pizza


– Bag of cheese

– Eggs

– Creamer Snacks

– Protein Bars

– Snacks

– Choc Protein

Non Perishable:

– rice

– soup

– Mac and cheese

– Peanut better

– Ramen

– Pasta


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