About Me

Hello loves and welcome to my blog! I am very excited to be sharing my life and what I love with you!!

So a little about me… I am 25 years old living in Oahu, Hawaii. Originally, I am from Utah but moved to LA with my puppy Ollie when I was 16 for acting. About 5 year into LA met my lovely boyfriend, Sawyer! Having no idea what social media really was… I was introduced once I found out he was a “YouTuber”. Yesss on our first date I asked him what a youtuber was… haha! Anyways, I was introduced to social media and spend the next couple year traveling the world with the love of my life.But we kept coming back to Hawaii time and time again. It was always our dream to move to Hawaii… So May of 2019 we did it… we bought a house in Hawaii and within 6 weeks we picked up our life in LA and moved across the ocean! I love it here and wouldn’t change it for anything.

 About a year  into our relationship I discovered blogging which then turned into YouTube. We all know the struggle of wanting to look like and have what’s in the magazines… Well, I want this to be a place where any girl can come to get ideas of how to accomplish “the look” and a variety of things that come with being a girl.

I’ve always loved being a “girly girl” and my passion has always been to find ways of how to do it. Here on my blog, I will be showing you how I achieve the fashion, beauty, home, health, and lifestyle within my means!

I hope you enjoy my blog…